Sunday, June 2, 2013

Please Don't Use Me As Your Excuse

So I've gotten a pretty good range of responses to my review of Green Lantern #20. Some folks agreed with me, other folks disagreed, but everyone seemed willing to actually have a conversation about it instead of just raging out... which is always really nice.

However, I've noticed a sort of alarming trend of people saying "See? That's why I don't read comics anymore!" whenever I write a negative review of something. It makes me feel kind of upset!

I feel like 95% of this blog is me talking about how great comics are, and urging others to buy my favorite books. I write the occasional long, rant-y review because I find them funny and fun to write, but they are by no means an indication that I hate comics. I love comics! I want EVERYONE to read comics, and then talk about them with me! COMICS ARE AWESOME YOU GUYS!

I think Marvel and Image are turning out some of the greatest books they've ever done, right now. I think DC has slipped in quality as a whole lately, but I still think they've put out some fantastic things in the past few years. I try to focus on the positive far more than the negative, though I am willing to go on the occasional tirade when the negative is present. At the end of the day, superhero comics are my Favorite Thing.

I get that there are lots of reasons for people to give up on comics: They are a very expensive hobby. Sometimes your favorite book will be unceremoniously cancelled by the corporate bigwigs in charge and you'll feel betrayed. Things like Brand New Day or the NĂ¼52 come along and completely alter the history you've come to love. I understand, and I have felt all of those things too.

But please keep in mind that I have a passion for these things, even when they rub me the wrong way, and even when they make me downright grumpy. I love reading superhero comics, I love reviewing superhero comics, I love buying superhero action figures, I love playing superhero games.

When people use something that I've written as justification for disliking superhero comics as a medium, I feel like I'm somehow failing to convey all the happiness I derive from the good ones.

From now on I'm going to have to try and give equal time to comics that I love. There are quite a lot of them. But in the meantime... Please don't make me the reason you give up on comics.

I can't handle that sort of responsibility.

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  1. "I can't handle that sort of responsibility."

    Well, you know what they say: "With great power comes-"

    Ah, fuck it. Have a hug! *Squeeze!*