Saturday, August 23, 2014

Opinions About Things: One Year Later

Yeah, remember when DC did the One Year Later event? God that pissed me off. It really interrupted a lot of the stories I was trying to follow, and with a nonsensical time-jump, no less!

So anyways I'm back. It's been a whole year since I updated this blog. Trying to follow all the comics all the time just turned into a major source of anxiety, to be honest. And not because they suck! Unlike a lot of comics bloggers, I really love most comics! It's just that there are way too many to read in one week, even for an unemployed dork like me!

But I still really DO have a lot of Opinions About Things. So while I doubt I'll be bringing back the weekly reviews, I do want to start writing about comics again. I have a lot to tell you!

There are some current books that are really amazing, like the almost-too-smart-for-its-own-good Ms. Marvel by G. Willow Wilson and Jacob Wyatt, a comic that is currently giving me ALL the emotions...

The NSFW time-stopping antics of Suzie and Jon in Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky...

All of the "Oh my God I can't believe they're actually making this comic! Did they do this just for me!?" feelings I get from Spider-Man 2099 by Peter David and Will Sliney...

And She-Hulk's glorious return to super-powered lawyering in her eponymous book by Charles Soule and Javier Pulido... which also features Hellcat, who is one of my favorite superheroes of ALL TIME.

There are also some comics, both ongoing and limited, that came out over the past year and really need some discussing. Like the COMPLETELY FUCKING BONKERS DC Universe Versus Masters of the Universe by Keith Giffen and Dexter Soy, wherein a fight between Superman and He-Man is treated with a grave and deadly seriousness which only serves to make it even more hilarious...

Or the final arc of Avengers Assemble, which was written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Warren Ellis (two of my absolute favorite comics writers in the world!) and drawn by Matteo Buffagni, and starred the oft-overlooked Spider-Girl.

And then of course there are older things that I've only just read recently and NEED to talk about. Like X-Treme X-Men by Greg Pak and Paco Diaz. This was a comic where Dazzler led a motley team of dimensionally-displaced X-Men (including a gay Wolverine who got a magical golden adamantine skeleton from his lover, Hercules, and is probably one of my favorite new characters of the past 15 years) in a search for several Evil Xaviers scattered across the Multiverse...

And - of course - the 1970s majesty of Spidey Super Stories. Yes, I know that every fucking comics blog on the fucking planet talks about Spidey Super Stories, but you really fucking can't expect me to ignore a comic where Spider-Man teams up with Morgan Freeman on the regular, you guys.

So yeah. Lots of things to discuss!

I don't know for sure when my next post will be, but I am positive that it won't take me another year to write it!

I love you all. I hope you know that.

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